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Public Performances

Public Performances

The Perfect Show For All Occasions!

"The opportunity for children to witness and even take part in these fun stories is the best way to establish theatre-going habits that will hopefully last a lifetime."

- Ralph MacLean, Imperial Theatre,

St. John, New Brunswick

Once upon a time, DuffleBag Theatre parked a steamer trunk filled with props and costumes under a tree, gathered a crowd, and let the magic begin. Now, the company regularly travels across Canada, the U.S. and occasionally around the globe to different theatres, festivals and performance spaces.

"I would like to thank you for two amazing performances this past Saturday... Lakeshore Arts is dedicated to bringing quality family performance to the west end of Toronto, and with DuffleBag I think we more than surpassed our mandate. I have been receiving calls from audience members thrilled with the quality of the performances, the joy of attending live theatre and an emphasis on the fact that it was so much fun!"

-Susan Nagy, Lakeshore Arts,

Toronto, ON

Our flexible style allows the performance to adapted to suit the requirements of the space, both indoor or outdoor. DuffleBag can perform anywhere from a full theatre or auditorium with tech, to a community area, library, gym, or under the open sky. Wherever the people are,that's where we'll be too!

"DuffleBag Theatre is one of the most exciting and fun phenomena to come out of the vibrant Canadian children's entertainment scene. No matter what your age, you are guaranteed a good time and some really good belly laughs!"

-Showtime, Arts and Culture Centre,


DuffleBag enjoys meeting audience members afterwards for photo ops, or a chance to say hi. And of course, we're always happy to sign whatever's on hand-- your program, autograph book, even Dad's bald spot!

"Talented, funny, imaginative, creative.... Our audiences love them."

-Nancy Turner, Artistic Director,

Ottawa Children's Festival