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Snow White

The Queen has always been the “fairest in the land”. Her Magic Mirror tells her so! But when the Queen hears that Snow White has surpassed her, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of her… forever! Fortunately, Snow White escapes into the Deep Dark Woods, where she chances on a tiny cottage. Little does she know that the Seven Dwarves living there will help save her! The classic story of our heroine, as she encounters hapless Huntsmen, bad apples, and little men with big hearts and short tempers, comes to life as DuffleBag helps Snow White towards her “happily ever after”!

Upcoming Shows

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • 12. Jan. 18
  • 10:00 am
  • St. Regis Mohawk School, 385 Church St., Hogansburg, NY, USA
  • 13. Jan. 18
  • 09:30 am
  • APAP Family Showcase, Lion Theater, 410 West 42nd St., New York, NY, USA
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Read Our Snow White Reviews!

The old adage “less is more” certainly applies in this staging of Snow White by the self-proclaimed “Nearly World-Famous” DuffleBag Theatre, one of the six acts featuring in this year’s ACT 3i Festival for Children. Backdrop, props and costumes are kept to a bare minimum, and there are no snazzy special effects or lighting. But if you think this makes for a dull experience, the opposite is actually true. Shorn of all those trappings, the emphasis is placed squarely on the storytelling – and it is top notch storytelling served with an extra large dose of humour… the improvisation and audience interaction are fabulous. With its sharp, witty script and fast pacing, there’s never a dull moment in this original and hugely enjoyable take on what could have been an overly familiar fairytale.

- Review excerpt,, Singapore

From the moment the lights went up on this sharply written original screenplay, it was obvious this wasn’t going to be your average rendition of Snow White. The seriously talented Canadian cast needed little more than a curtain, a treasure box of props and an audience of plucky kids keen to get in on the action. There’s just something about improv that makes your heart thump with excitement! The slapstick, fast-paced humour was tears-rolling-down-your-face kind of funny. The best bit? Watching our kids cracking up with laughter! Cleverly created especially for four to eight year olds, the storyline and jokes kept the young audience enthralled from beginning to end. Our seven year old was totally into the Justin Bieber and Adele (Hello) references, and happily re-counted her favourite scenes on the trip home.

- Review excerpt,, Singapore

The performance of Snow White yesterday was so well received that there is no discussion here....we are booking again for next year! What we all appreciated was the way that our children were included in the actual performance...They are wonderful children and always make a most respectful audience...but yesterday was truly amazing to see how engaged each member of the audience was! I must also say that your troupe of actors was beyond professional….on time; agreeable; helpful; flexible (with the fact that we had no heat in our gym!!!).... All in of the best… if not THE best performances McKay has ever had! Good Luck with all your future performances and we will see you next year!

- -Marilyn Turnbull, Principal, McKay Elementary School, Richmond, BC

DuffleBag was great as usual. They had great crowd control but at the same time were able to fully engage the audience. Our students loved how they used kids from the audience as partici-pants. Everyone from K-7-teachers were howling with laughter.

- -Julie Desmarais, Blueridge Elementary School, North Vancouver, BC