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When the King of Bavaria mistakenly believes that a peasant girl can somehow transform straw into gold, she is brought to the castle to perform this impossible deed. Fortunately, a strange little man appears in her hour of need and is willing to help her out. At least that’s the spin he puts on it… but the cost might be more than she expected! DuffleBag weaves a hilarious yarn based on the classic fairy tale with the crazy name!

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As I looked around the room, I was pleased to see adults and children laughing and sharing a wonderful experience together. You wouldn’t have known this, but the boy you picked to be the King is a student with lots of academic struggles. We were in awe as we watched him “rise to the occasion”. You made his day and probably his year. Thanks again for providing so much pleasure for us.

- Pat Draper, Mountsfield P.S., London, ON

The DuffleBag Theatre was one of the best performances we've had here! VERY well received. Some comments [from our staff]: * Able to engage and entertain students from Pre-K to Grade 5. They also had all the adults laughing too! 🙂 * Excellent audience control… all the children were able to listen well and follow along easily. They were great at ad-lib depending on how their mini actors reacted. *Able to maintain the focus and interest of a gym of 450 kids throughout the hour long presentation… would be very pleased to have them back at our school! * Every child was drawn into the delightfully icky aspect of the “gooky, little man”. * I didn't notice a single disinterested student. This group could come every year with a different tale and still captivate the audience. * I was quite entertained and the students loved it. They thought it was "so awesome!"

- Kerri-Lynn Hickman, Assistant Principal, École Beau Meadow School, Beaumont, Alberta