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Romeo & Juliet

The peace of the fair city of Verona is sometimes disturbed by the family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. So, what happens when the son of one family and the daughter of another ignore all that, and secretly fall in love? Find out, when DuffleBag brings all the romance, action and unfortunate timing to life in their irreverent adaptation of the famous tragedy-turned-comedy! With additional input from William Shakespeare.

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The performance was very well received by our students and staff! It definitely met expectations. The students enjoyed the change to the ending of the story to make it a happy one. The actors did a great job of engaging our students, chose such good volunteers that at least some of our students thought they had rehearsed it ahead of time and the use of humour was very well done. We have 25 international students who all said that they really enjoyed it and the language was not a barrier.

- Iris Trask, Golden Secondary School, Golden, BC