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In the misty moors of Scotland, an accomplished soldier is surprised to hear three strange hags claim he will one day become King. Turns out his wife is pretty keen on that idea too. Only problem is, there’s a King already! To fulfill the prophecy, Macbeth finds himself driven to dastardly deeds. But at what cost? Find out as the classic story of wild ambition reaches its full potential in DuffleBag’s hands, as one of William Shakespeare’s greatest comedies!

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When DuffleBag Theatre hits the stage, imagine TV-weaned youngsters almost falling over laughing or tipping over on their elbows watching -get this- Shakespeare’s Macbeth!

- Doug Schmidt, The Windsor Star

A hilarious and accessible introduction to Shakespeare. The cast were on top form with their over-acting pitched so that it was just enough for the kids and not too much for the adults; it left both in stitches.

- Matthew Lyon,, Singapore