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Les trois petits cochons

Momma Pig has her hooves full avec ses trois enfants, who love nothing better than to play in mud pits et de traîner de la boue partout. When she’s finally had enough of their mess, les trois petits cochons are forced to strike out on their own et de construire leurs propres maisons. Mais c’est beaucoup de travail, as the Pigs discover quand le grand méchant loup comes a-knockin’ for pork chops. There’s no time for play in this play, once DuffleBag takes the timeless ‘hairy’ tale, and hams it up!

All bilingual performances include a balanced mix of French and English with the opportunity to request more of either language to tailor this performance to the audience’s language level.

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Great audience participation & involvement. Thank you DuffleBag Theatre.

- -R.J. Lang Elementary and Middle School, Toronto, ON