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Les trois mousquetaires

Want to join the bravest crew in all of France à protéger sa majesté? Young country lad d’Artagnan sure does, and has trained toute sa vie to do so. But he discovers ce n’est pas si simple in DuffleBag’s adaptation of the timeless Alexandre Dumas adventure! Son arrivée en Paris becomes complicated by his stumbling onto le complot secrèt du Cardinal Richelieu de s’emparer du trône, and accidentally alienating Porthos, Aramis and Athos, les mousquetaires qu’il veut avertir! Fortunately the Queen’s lady-in waiting, Constance, est là pour lui aider à sauver “le Roi” and stop the dastardly plot once and for all!

All bilingual performances include a balanced mix of French and English with the opportunity to request more of either language to tailor this performance to the audience’s language level.