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Cinderella’s life is storybook perfect. That is, until circumstances force her into a life of drudgery in the home of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But once handsome Prince Charming decides to hold a Royal Ball at the palace, things just might change for our heroine, with a little magical help from her Fairy Godmother. And a pumpkin… don’t forget the pumpkin. Is Cinderella destined for a “happily ever after”? If the shoe fits… literally!

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I cannot say enough about this performance, it was excellent. They did a great job captivating all students with a fairytale and by including students in the production. I have not heard our students laugh at a performance as much as they did with this one. They are still talking about how good it was today!!

- Todd Lindsay, Principal, Naramata Elementary School, Naramata, BC

DuffleBag did another terrific job of keeping the audience in stitches. I would say that the staff will likely be requesting them back on a yearly basis. They do a fabulous job of keeping all of the students, even the younger ones, engaged throughout the performance. Great energy by all the actors.

- Shane Thompson, Grade 3/4 teacher, Penbrooke Meadows School, Calgary AB

Wiltse Elementary had one of the best performances ever! DuffleBag Theatre performers were outstanding and the students they chose to perform with them were UNBELIEVABLE… Students and staff laughed, cheered, booed and enjoyed the performance from start to finish and then some.

- Cathy Bowles, Principal, Wiltse Elementary School, Penticton, BC