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La vie de Cendrillon is storybook perfect. That is, until circumstances force her to live a life of drudgery dans la maison de sa belle-mère et ses belles-soeurs méchantes. But once the handsome Prince Charmant decides to hold un grand bal au palais, things just might change for our heroine, avec l’aide de sa marraine, la bonne fée. And a pumpkin… n’oublie pas la citrouille. Is Cinderella destined for a “happily ever after”? If the shoe fits… literally!

All bilingual performances include a balanced mix of French and English with the opportunity to request more of either language to tailor this performance to the audience’s language level.

Upcoming Shows

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • 02. Feb. 18
  • 09:30 am
  • Country Hills P.S., 195 Country Hills Drive, Kitchener, ON
  • 05. Feb. 18
  • 09:00 am
  • Father John Kelly School, Maple, ON
  • 06. Feb. 18
  • 09:15 am
  • St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Elementary, 161 Via Campanile, Woodbridge, ON
  • 06. Feb. 18
  • 11:00 am
  • St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Elementary, 161 Via Campanile, Woodbridge, ON
  • 06. Feb. 18
  • 01:00 pm
  • St. Peter School, 120 Andrew Park Crescent, Woodbridge, ON

Read Our Cendrillon Reviews!

All of our students were SO THRILLED to have DuffleBag Theatre at our school today. They were anticipating a great show and you did not disappoint. The performance was enjoyed by all: JK students to Grade 8 and of course the teachers too. Many asked if you will be back next year. We hope to have you back in the future. Thanks again for such a wonderful time!!! Merci beaucoup! C'etait vraiment fantastique!

- Mme. Anic, Errol Village Public School, Camlachie, ON

The performance went very well indeed! I loved the way the artists prepared the audience to participate, setting them up to show appropriate responses to the play, all the while not realising how funny the performance would be! The audience just roared! The humour was up-to-date and age appropriate for grades 7/8 as well as kindergarten students and everyone in between. For me, it was an education on how to prepare an audience to show appreciation for excellent storytelling! Students and staff loved it and hope to get them back again.

- Zulma Van Engelen, Bosanquet Central, Thedford, ON

It was perfect ! Like usually! Thank you really much... We all love it! We would like to have them again. Students remembered the other shows. This is a really good sign! You have an impact on them and it's what I want! Thank you!

- Sandrine Coronat, Directrice, École La Vérendrye, Lethbridge, AB

For the hour long performance DuffleBag Theatre had our entire school, kindergarten to Grade 6 AND teachers laughing so hard we had tears… Students were captivated, one line to the next. The jokes were clever and fun, and alternated in complexity to appeal to the different age ranges in the audience. The addition of student and teachers from our school to play key character parts was done expertly. It added much to the humour without adding stress to those chosen. The DuffleBag crew were excellent at diffusing any worries participants might have had. This was key to bringing in the students, and it worked right away. Students were seeing their friends/classmates on stage and it helped them feel just as much a part of the show. In addition, whole school actions added in for key words such as "Prince Charming" and "The Royal Ball", were an excellent way to both bring the audience back (from laughing at the jokes) and also to get out “the wiggles". The fact that our kindergarten students and students with special needs were able to stay in the gym and enjoy the entire hour-long performance is a compliment to the job done by DuffleBag. Teachers were very impressed with how the French was integrated -both in the narration and slipped cleverly into their jokes. Excellent, excellent work, we would definitely have DuffleBag back! Many of the boys in Gr. 4,5,6 initially had the reaction: Cinderella- really? Ha well, they ALL thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There wasn't a student immune to the the comedy before them. Thanks so much again, can't say enough good things! Five plus stars for DuffleBag Theatre (out of five 😉

- Deborah Edgett, Music Teacher, Varsity Acres School, Calgary, AB