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Dufflebag puts its spin on Robin Hood

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Dufflebag puts its spin on Robin Hood

Barrie Advance (via, Aug 15, 2013
By Leigh Blenkhorn
You could end up being the star of your very own comedy show.

When Dufflebag Theatre brings its production of Robin Hood to Barrie Sept. 21, as part of the Barrie International Comedy Festival, it will shine a light on an audience member.

“Our spin is quite significant. We have an audience member come up and do the show with us. We have a narrator that tells the story, but we, as the actors, have to play off this audience member,” Dufflebag Theatre artistic director Marcus Lundgren said. “It makes every show different.”

The theatre company is no stranger to Barrie, having performed at local schools and malls.

Lundgren said it will be nice for the performers to go back to their roots.

“We started out doing festivals, but then we morphed into this family show foe schools,” he said. “It will be nice to include families in a comedy festival. Usually comedy festivals are just for adults, but its great to appeal to all ages.”

Lundgren called the show a family affair.

“With kids shows, its usually just mom and the kids, but at our shows, we’ve got mom, dad, all the kids, friends, everyone. Sometimes we have mom and dad come out with out the kids,” he said. “The humour works for the kids, but like the Muppet Show, we work on two levels. There’s lots in there for the adults, too.”

Actors use a lot of improv techniques since they are working with someone they’ve never met before.

“We have a basic story line, but sometimes we let the audience member take the lead and we just have to go with it,” Lundgren said. “Sometimes we have a lot of work to do and sometimes we can sit back and let the audience member do all the work.”

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